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    "There's nothing like the feeling of making someone laugh.  Laughter heals.  It makes you feel good.  It does a body good... it's the new milk."


    "Like baseball and basketball, making movies is a team sport.  There are owners (producers), coaches and managers (directors), teammates (cast & crew), all-stars and role players.  But working together, creating, and giving it your all to accomplish something great is still the goal.  Let's go win some champion-ships!!!"     


     "What's great about this business, is that after every project you complete, you have new friends.  New 'family' members. OK, so you might not ever talk to that guy over there, but for the most part, lots of new friends."


     "Whoooo hoooo!"

From the horses mouth...


"Not only does David have a great look, but he can take direction well and nail it the very next take. Every filmmaker will appreciate his professionalism and patience on set." - Jomel Lee Guanzon, INDIE LIGHT FILMS (Writer/Director)


"David took what was supposed to be a walk-on role and invented a character that deserved his own series.  He's both a gifted character actor and a bold comedian." - Kate VanDevender (actress/writer/director)


"David Scott was a pleasure to work with.  Not only because of his talent but also because of his patience and flexibility.  He delivered on every take and I continue to look for the opportunity to hire him again." - Max Margolin, filmaker


"David is a true professional.  Not only does he show up prepared and ready to go, but he can change courses and go with the flow when a scene calls for improvisation or dialogue changes.  In this business, a great actor that doesn't come with a diva attitude is always a breath of fresh air.  I would hire him again in a heart beat." - Andre Coleman, Director


"I directed David Scott in the film KID RACER, in which he played the lead kid's father.  David brought a great feel for comedy and sincerity.  He is extremely professional and dedicated, takes direction well and is all about getting the best film possible." - Dennis Devine (Director, Writer, Producer)

"I have had the pleasure of working with David Scott on my film, "Bunnyman".  Not only did he elevate the writing, but he elevated everyone's performance on set.  He owned his scenes, and his performance stands out as a highlight of the film.  When my next film gets off the ground, he will be one of the first actors I call.  I can not recommend David Scott highly enough." - Carl Lindbergh, filmaker Anoc Productions


"David is a fantastic actor to work with, strong improv and comedic skills and all around true professional, accompanied with solid acting technique."  - Russell Whaley, Producer (RD Motion Pictures)


"David Scott was a wonderful gift from the casting gods.  He was so incredibly smart when it came to knowing what was funny and what wasn't, and what worked on camera.  He would take the simplest of ideas and run with them until they were complex scenes that perfectly informed his character and, at the same time, were undeniably hysterical.... 

And all of this is on top of him being one of the most affable and hard working actors we've ever directed.  We truly count ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to work with David.  It's pretty hard to imagine he'll be available for indie filmmakers like us for much longer." - Dan Gagliardi & Kenny Schefler


"I've worked with David on two separate Films, and he has always been a pleasure on set. He takes his craft serious, and never takes himself too serious. David is a standup guy, and I jump at any opportunity I get to work with him." - Samuel K Day, Day4Day Creations 

(Independent Writer/Director/Producer)


“David Scott is a dynamically talented individual. He is constantly refining his craft and he is definitely ready to perform on the next level. I look forward to working with him in the future and would advise others to keep him on their radar.”  - Marvin Williams,

President/Founder Big M Entertainment


"When I was searching high an low for the right actor for my film (which is set in the 1970s) David Scott appeared out of nowhere, ready and willing to grow his sideburns and mustache.  The rest is on the screen." - 

Roy Hurst, Director | Producer   "Lover"

What Others Are Saying...

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2010 - present

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