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Tennis Anyone?

A series by Josh Wenzel

A friendly game of sportsmanship....

Turns ugly quick.... He's Got My Thumb!

Confidence = Victory

Ace of Hearts

Hot Pants! Ready for a service..... or a night on the town.

The human backstop... nothing gets by.

Anytime now, I'll break a sweat.

After this return, he literally flew around the court like a hawk..... very impressive. He scooped up a little chipmunk with his talons.

Why ball? why?

A. B. R. -- Always Be Ready!

He's got the grace of the gods on his side...

I'm used to the clay surfaces...

Sometimes, it's better to look good, than to play good.

They call me the Willie Mays of tennis.

With this shot to the spine, my whole nervous system shut down for 3 minutes. During that time, I had a cheeseburger and fries.

I'm feeling like revenge is necessary.

When Elvis coached me in 1976, he told me the magic words that would ring in my ears for eternity.... "Return to Sender"

Nothing prepares you for 140mph serve.

Fluid like water...

I think you need to see an eye doctor. You must have glaucoma or a torn retina

Agree to disagree.

sweet revenge.....

nothing says the end of a game like blood in your urine

I hear the fat lady singing.... beautiful melody of victory.

Till next time, my compadre, till next time.

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